从8月初开始的学年. 整个五月,白天从早上5:15开始.m. 直到晚上11点熄灯.m. 每一天都是个人时间, 军事训练, 类, 体育运动, 学习时间, 辅助培训及膳食. The daily schedule will vary during the summer according to the 军事训练 activity in which you’re involved. Military training takes place on various Saturdays throughout the semester, with non-training Saturdays being free time for most cadets. 星期天几乎总是留给个人时间.


Rooms in the two dormitories, Vandenberg Hall and Sijan Hall, are similar. Each room, which is approximately 13 feet wide and 18 feet long, is designed for two cadets. 这个房间有两个大壁橱, 带有内置水槽的柜台, 一面大镜子和一个药柜. Each cadet room also has a twin-size modular bed, a dresser and a desk for each cadet. There is a proper location for everything you are allowed to have in your room, and you will be expected to keep your room in cadet-inspection order.


每个学员被分配到40个中队中的一个. 男女学员有不同的房间, and female cadets have separate bathroom facilities within assigned squadron areas. You will be assigned a roommate 在基本训练期间 (BCT). Squadron policies typically state that you must change roommates once throughout each academic year. 然而,它在每个中队的基础上有所不同. You will always room with a member of the same sex and usually the same class. 如果学员有重大问题, they may request and most likely be granted a change of roommate, 如果有必要的话. 兄弟姐妹被分配到不同的中队.


You will not be permitted to bring your personal possessions with you when you enter the Academy (except for a few items listed in the cadet appointee instruction booklet). All basic necessities, such as uniforms, bedding and linens will be furnished when you enter. 在学年期间, you will be permitted to have additional items when authorized by the cadet wing Commander. 你在学院期间会得到一台笔记本电脑. You will be permitted to have a radio or stereo equipment in your room beginning the spring semester of your fourth-class year. You must wait until your first-class year to have a television in your room. You may, at certain times, watch TV in the squadron recreation room. You must wait until your second-class year to have most electrical appliances, 但是一个三等军官可能有一个咖啡壶. These rules are general guidelines but may be more restrictive depending on each squadron’s rules.


也叫Mitchell Hall, the cadet dining facility is the largest of its kind in the United States Air Force. 在学年期间, the entire cadet wing assembles to eat a family-style lunch meal in Mitchell Hall, 早餐提供自助式服务, 晚餐和周末聚餐. The facility provides complete food service support for cadets, ranging from wing tailgate parties at Falcon Stadium and organizational picnics to box lunches for official travel.


是的, you will have the opportunity to eat three nutritious meals a day—and with all the physical activities required, you are encouraged to eat well and consume plenty of water.


准备和服务12,000 meals served daily in the cadet dining facility limits our ability to offer special dietary menus based solely on religious faiths or individual convictions. Therefore, offering them on a day-to-day basis may be difficult to accommodate. 学员 in this situation should work the issue through their cadet group chaplain. Vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian options are available upon request at all meals, 晚上的自助餐也提供素食, 但并不是所有的饮食限制都能完全适应. However, cadets can work with the nutrition staff to see what is possible.


The Academy provides opportunities to enjoy a change of pace through participation in cadet activities and social functions. Arnold Hall is a relaxing place to enjoy dancing, games, movies, entertainers and television. The snack bar in the Richter Lounge is also popular with cadets. 阿诺德大厅工作人员协调各种尾板为美国.S. 十大靠谱网赌游戏的体育赛事和超级碗, in addition to organizing summer events with food trucks and games. 另外, 学员可以参加90多个活跃的社团, 从飞钓和猎鹰到体育运动, 戏剧和更多. To find out more about cadet clubs and what’s offered, go to the 学员俱乐部 USAFA页面.EDU.


是的. 作为一名学员, you will be expected to dress in formal uniforms and to attend scheduled dinners with your squadron or class in Mitchell Hall. Attendance at these functions will provide experience in the kind of social situations that may be expected of an Air Force officer. Decorum is taught in cadet squadron 军事训练 类 and cadets are required to attend social decorum training multiple times over their cadet careers to practice customs and courtesies.


The Academy refers to permission for cadets to leave the Academy during off-duty periods as passes and authorizations. Individual passes on weekends will depend on your class and on your overall squadron performance. 学员被允许离开基地, but there are certain rules and regulations that dictate when, 地点和频率. The privilege to leave increases in quantity over the four years as a cadet progresses. 学员也可以拜访他们指定的资助家庭.


科罗拉多斯普林斯, 向南约八英里, 最近的城市是否有460多人口,000. Denver, 55 miles to the north, has a population of more than 2.500万年. These cities have many advantages and recreational facilities, 包括各种各样的餐馆, 博物馆, 影院, 夜总会, 购物中心, 体育设施和体育赛事. The cities of Boulder and Fort Collins also offer many cadets the opportunity to get away from it all. Many cadets like to go to ski resorts for a day or a weekend of skiing, and the Cadet Ski Club provides free transportation and inexpensive ski equipment for these outings. 漂流, mountain climbing and horseback riding are some of the other popular recreational activities available in the area. 在旅级战斗队, Air Force families participating in the sponsor program host one or more cadets for periods of relaxation—an opportunity to enjoy a home-cooked meal, 睡眠, 放松,给他们的父母打电话.

When and where are cadets permitted to practice their faith of choice?

参加学员教堂礼拜是完全可选的. Many cadets attend Sunday or Sabbath services in the Cadet Chapel, 那里有单独的新教徒区, 天主教, 犹太人, 穆斯林, 佛教和地球为中心的信仰服务. There is also an all-faith meeting room for members of other religious faiths. 学员 are permitted to attend a church of their choice in the local community, 还有很多人志愿教主日学校的课程. 学员 may participate in several other religious activities including choirs, 学习小组, 每日敬拜和团契组织. 清晨每日教堂也可以. 美国.S. 十大靠谱网赌游戏 also features a weekly program called SPIRE (Special Programs In Religious Education) for organizations to meet. 最后, 在基本训练期间, cadets are allowed to attend religious services for their choice of faith or partake in an alternate personal resiliency time. 访问教堂页面.


学员们在感恩节期间有假期, two and a half weeks for winter break and one week in the spring semester. Often, many cadets have the opportunity to go home over long weekends as well. 在夏天, 学员需要参加必要的领导力课程, 在学院或其他设施举行的. 无论是在领导力培训之前还是之后, most cadets in the upper three 类 have approximately three weeks of leave. There are exceptions for cadets who volunteer or who are required to attend summer school. 在这种情况下,休假期必须取消.


学员们穿着各种各样的军服. Primarily, cadets wear Airman Battle Uniforms (ABUs) and some form of blues. 礼服通常在更正式的场合穿, 而礼服是在最正式的场合穿的. 学员 also wear physical conditioning (PC) gear for physical education 类 and tests. 阅兵服和飞行服也要穿.

Are cadets permitted to wear civilian clothes away from the Academy?

Fourth-class cadets may wear civilian clothes during leave periods, such as Thanksgiving and winter break and when authorized by the Commandant of 学员. This authorization usually occurs during the spring semester. 学员 who are representing the Academy for special programs, 比如在家乡演讲, 必须穿制服. 第三, second- and first-class cadets may wear their civilian clothes during leave periods as well as on passes in the local area.

What programs do cadets participate in over the summer period?

在你上流社会的暑假里, cadets have several opportunities to participate in a variety of programs. Several of these courses are needed to fulfill graduation requirements, such as Expeditionary Survival and Evasion Training (ESET), 哪一款游戏教的是包括武器在内的战斗技能, 车队, 化学和生物, 生存, 还有逃避训练. Operation Air Force (Ops AF) provides an opportunity for each cadet to visit and work at an operational Air Force base for three weeks. 另外, most cadets will take part in an airmanship program during the summer (including the Soaring, Jump or Unmanned Aerial Systems-Remotely Piloted Aircraft [UAS-RPA] programs). 学员 also have the opportunity to take summer 类 or to participate in enrichment programs abroad (e.g., 暑期语言沉浸, Cadet Summer Research and Enlisted Basic Training Instructor at Lackland AFB). All first- and second-class cadets will also participate as instructors or leaders of a summer program.

What is the most challenging aspect of the total cadet experience?

在美国,每个人都有不同的挑战.S. 十大靠谱网赌游戏. 美国军事学院的学术、军事和体育项目.S. 十大靠谱网赌游戏 are all rigorous and provide different degrees of challenge for each individual cadet. The level of success you have at the Academy will depend on your attitude, your willingness to challenge yourself and your ability to adapt to stressful situations. However, every cadet agrees that time management is crucial in your success at the Academy. 所以,当你参加美国.S. 十大靠谱网赌游戏, make sure you keep up with your workload and ask for help when needed.

Where do I go if I am overwhelmed, stressed-out or having difficulty adjusting to the Academy?

学员 have access to many helping agencies, including the Academy Peak Performance Center. The Academy Peak Performance Center provides a full range of counseling and performance-enhancement services to meet the developmental, 情感, psychological and leadership needs of the young men and women in the cadet wing. The majority of our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual cadets. 在这方面, the Academy Peak Performance Center functions much like counseling centers at other colleges and universities. 学员, 和其他学生一样, often experience transitional stress due to new challenges or face difficult decisions regarding a wide spectrum of normal developmental issues. 多年来, 员工发展了广泛的个人能力, group and walk-in services which effectively help cadets overcome personal, 社会和军事困难. 除了, each cadet squadron has two cadet PEERs (Personal Ethics and Education Representative) to help address concerns and to offer professional guidance on stress, 的关系, 饮食失调, 机会和待遇平等.


The Cadet Sponsor Program builds a professional mentoring relationship and provides a home away from home for cadets on a permanent basis during their time at the Academy. 赞助者由现役军人组成, 退役军官和预备役军官, 高级士官(nco), 学院校友, 公务员和精选的当地公民. 该项目为该学院的所有四年课程提供, and cadets and sponsors may make by-name requests which the Cadet Sponsor Office will attempt to honor. 如果没有按名称请求, 共同利益, 爱好或偏好被用作匹配标准. Sponsors often develop lifelong 的关系 with their cadets, 许多学员开始把他们的赞助人视为家人.